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Throughout my journey from engineer to engineering leader, I've witnessed the struggles of organizations grappling with trust and psychological safety. Too often, the emphasis is misplaced, fixating on trivial metrics and imposing undue stress on individuals. This experience has underscored the critical importance of cultivating environments where trust thrives and where every voice is valued.

Moreover, I've seen firsthand how toxic cultures can stifle innovation and render organizations inflexible. When trust is eroded, collaboration wanes, and creativity is stifled, leaving companies unable to adapt to changing landscapes and markets. Leaders and Makers have a vital role in fostering cultures that nurture innovation, empower individuals, and enable organizational agility. Join me as we explore the pivotal role of leadership in shaping cultures that propel organizations forward.

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Image shows Birgit Pohl, your leadership coach, bringing culture into your organisation.
How the Magic is Done

Methods We Are Using

1:1 Coaching/Mentoring
To be highly effective leaders, its recommended to establish oneself as one. We use methods from systemic coaching and motivational interviewing to help you find your own leadership style or improve it. As a leader you receive an exclusive 1:1 coaching and mentoring, where you develop your own strategies and techniques for communication, processes and decision making.
Group Coaching
We are happy if you send us a group of leaders who would like to learn from us. This group will receive a workshop with plenty of knowledge about Communication, Change Management, Psychological Safety, Conflict Management and Gender Diversity as a standard package. But let's also talk about your specific needs. The Group Coaching is not simply just a presentation: It comes with plenty of interactive exercises – To make it really stick!
Team Workshops
Your team is acting out of the wanted dynamics? It is new and struggles to find itself? Teams will receive a full "Welcome to the organisation", finding its Purpose and Vision as well as creating common alignments, processes and change. Teams will receive this package in form of interactive workshops and –Yes! In many cases management is and needs to be included.
Coaching The Organisation
Often the problem is in the system. We analyse the organisational structure, processes and communication flows for its efficiency and invite the teams and managers involved to change the system. We facilitate workshops with many teams and their managers to achieve a common change.
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