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Brace yourselves: Salary Disclosure in Job Listings – Mandatory as of June 2026!

Discover the transformative impact of salary disclosure mandated by the European Pay Transparency Directive (EU/2023/970) on recruitment practices. Explore its implications, benefits, and challenges for both employers and job seekers, and learn how proactive strategies can navigate through these cha

April 8, 2024
Join is for the Berlin Entrepreneur Dinner

Don't miss the Berlin Entrepreneur Dinner for an exclusive chance to connect, collaborate, and unlock new opportunities in Berlin's thriving business scene. Reserve your spot now and mingle with like-minded entrepreneurs over culinary delights!

March 18, 2024
How to Unlock the Art of Dialogue using ChatGPT, Repetitions and Visualizations

Enhance communication clarity for success! Learn to avoid misunderstandings with clear instructions. Explore AI assistance and effective communication strategies.

March 14, 2024
Implementing Scrum: Strategies for Teams with Low Agile Maturity

Discover actionable strategies to implement Scrum values in low-agile-maturity teams. From embedding principles in daily routines to defeating 'Zombie Scrum,' empower your team for success. Learn more!

March 14, 2024
Trust is the number one efficiency booster

Elevate performance through trust and transparency. Consult with me to cultivate a culture of psychological safety in your organization.

March 14, 2024
Leadership skills you need after Covid19

Enhance team engagement with clear communication & empathetic leadership. Learn to facilitate discussions & address anxiety effectively. Explore actionable strategies for a collaborative environment.

March 14, 2024
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